How Protective Coatings Can Prolong the Longevity of Essential Machinery

December 14, 2016

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With a plethora of moving parts, extreme temperatures, and harsh environmental conditions, your machinery and equipment undergo an inordinate amount of abuse and are highly susceptible to damage over time. It’s essential to provide as much protection as possible for your equipment.

Today’s protective coatings are designed for myriad purposes; they may be used to coat concrete floors or provide UV protection for outdoor equipment. Some protective coatings simply appear to be paint with typical gloss, matte, or semi-matte finishes; however, these high-tech coatings offer hidden benefits that help you to protect your investment over the long term.

Corrosion can threaten the surface integrity of the entire structure and comes at a significant cost. It is advised to choose the most effective corrosion protection coatings at the very beginning of any coating system installation project to avoid issues down the road and maintain the maximum longevity of equipment.

Different coatings apply for different surfaces

The chemical compositions of protective coatings are varied; expert painters contractors will understand that certain sprays and epoxies are ideally suited to certain usages. For example, coatings designed for rooftops may have thermal properties and they will not be intended for use on exterior walls. Protect your investment by carefully vetting companies and going with the most reputable, skilled firm you can find.

The best protective coatings against corrosion

Structural damage from corrosive elements is one of the most common reasons why facilities accrue costs for repair and maintenance. Corrosion protection coatings are needed to protect surfaces from breaking down.

The importance of properly applied high-performing corrosion protection coatings cannot be undermined, in terms of providing an insulating barrier against the potential of harmful effects brought on by corrosion. Not only are corrosion protection coatings useful as barrier coatings, but some products are also sacrificial in nature. This means they receive the brunt of any corrosive attack to spare the actual metal surface from being corroded.

Epoxy coating products

There are numerous applications that need high-performing anti-corrosion coatings, such as concrete and steel protective coatings, flooring applications, joint-sealing, and tank lining or coating. The ideal anti-corrosion coating must be designed for nearly all applications. And for applicability to a wide range of surface requirements, the basic characteristic of the ideal coating is one that has the superior adhesion qualities of epoxy coating systems.

Another desirable characteristic for the epoxy coating products is its protective qualities. The coating product should also be cost-effective and can be either shop- or field-applied.

Only experts should apply protective coatings

Only a professional painting contractor who specializes in protective coatings can understand the complexities of mixing, applying, and drying these modern, multipurpose epoxies, paints, and sprays.

Our equipment and machinery painting services will prolong the life of your valuable equipment, while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal. With over three decades of experience working on a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects, we have the product knowledge and technical capability to produce great results for your facility.

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