Protective Deck Coatings

May 12, 2010

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To repair and protect concrete decks from deterioration, protective coatings should be properly applied. There are deck coatings products that are designed with concrete’s porosity in mind. They prevent moisture, soluble salts, and foreign materials from seeping into the substrate. Other types of protection coatings offer chemical, corrosion and freeze/thaw resistance, depending on the need of the deck in question.

Protective deck coatings are thick-film formulations that ensure maximum barrier protection. These products withstand moisture, corrosion, abrasion, weathering and other environmental conditions. The film thickness varies depending on the need of the application. Deck coatings are based from epoxies, vinyl, acrylics, polyurethane and elastomerics. Most of these products offer flexibility and waterproofing abilities. The deck coatings system includes a primer, an initial coating and a final top coat.

Surface preparation prior to deck coatings application involves etching or abrading the surface with a rougher profile. Thick-film deck coatings need a reasonably-rough profile to adhere properly to the surface. Because these formulations provide water protection when applied, they can seal water within the concrete surface when applied improperly.

Any traces of moisture should be removed from the surface prior to application of deck coatings. Otherwise the moisture will seek a way out and form surface blisters. It is recommended that a moisture test should be conducted before the actual application of protective deck coatings, to ensure low to zero moisture content in the surface.

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