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May 8, 2009

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Because of the high demand for protective linings and coatings for business facilities, painting experts also maintain a list of their top preferences of protective industrial coatings.

One of the protective coatings that experts prefer to use is fluoropolymer industrial coatings. These protective coatings offer time-tested resistance against corrosion and chemical damages. Surface substrates are impervious to corrosive damages through the help of a thin layer of protective film applied. There are also protective coatings that act uniquely as a thermal barrier, resisting extreme temperatures and providing effective enhancement to surface substrates. These products are electroplated coatings that are chemically applied — thin films that have high protective capabilities even in severe conditions.

Thermal-cure epoxy coatings are another range of protective industrial coatings products that offer high corrosion and abrasion protection. These products also provide high tolerance against damages due to impact and frictions. And, when it comes to high-pressure loads, molybdenum disulfide delivers remarkable performance, being imbued with a unique lubrication system that reduces wear and tear and friction during intense loads.

The wide array of choices of industrial coatings products that are now available in the market — from epoxy thermal cures to polyurethane high-gloss topcoats — benefits facility managers in the long run, because it gives paintings experts the freedom to utilize the most suitable industrial coatings for the specific job, delivering effective yet affordable results.

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