Protective Waterproofing for Large Concrete Structures

September 2, 2010

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As a way to embank water, massive hydraulic dams withstand great water pressure all throughout their existence. A critical priority in their design is for them to be consistently stable at all times. However, because of the great hydraulic forces pressing on the dams constantly, they may suffer possible water infiltration that can lessen their safety levels. An uncontrolled and continuous water infiltration can give rise to erosion, which can dangerously lead to a structural collapse.

An important safety factor for concrete dams is to keep them watertight. This entails using waterproofing deck coating products and materials that create a watertight barrier membrane in the dam’s upstream face and body. The upstream face of the dam is subject to the highest stresses of endlessly pounding water. The waterproofing deck coating product to use should be able to withstand and be impervious to the steady assault of these stresses. The waterproofing barrier should also exhibit a high degree of elasticity. Any deformation in the barrier system requires very costly repairs.

Waterproofing embankment dams take place during construction. The waterproofing solution is designed to last all throughout the life span of the dam. To make this possible, the barrier system utilize the strongest materials, aggregates, and waterproofing deck coating products capable of resisting damage and, in the event of damage, can be easily repaired.

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