Public Structures Community and Environmental Impact

August 20, 2009

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Whether designed to provide access to basic public services, to enhance the beauty of the community, or to preserve its cultural heritage, public structures are considered of great value to the whole community. The painting company tasked to aid in the renovation or preservation of these structures must therefore uphold the community’s interest at all times. The painting company should have ample field experience for public structure coatings projects, and the technical expertise to be able to choose the best coatings, materials, and practices suitable for the job. Moreover, coatings projects involving public structures often demand a high degree of work ethics from the painting company, and an ability to maintain close and open communications with the project’s many stakeholders.

The painting company must also adhere strictly to stringent environmental standards because public safety is of enormous importance during coatings application. The painting company must observe the highest standards in safety and health, such as in activities involving lead abatement, removal or repainting of aging coatings, or coatings waste disposal. The painting company must be qualified to carry out these jobs to avoid running into non-compliance issues and bring severe damages to the public.

Moreover, infrastructures that provide uninterruptible service such as bridges, hospitals and the like require the painting company crew to work with zero or minimal downtime, increasing the project’s logistical complexity. Nevertheless, for a certified painting company, these challenges are surmountable and the coatings project can be steered successfully to completion.

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