Purchasing the Perfect Floor: Don’t Let Price Hold You Back

October 1, 2011

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The image of your property or business will always be affected by the appearance of its flooring.

Professional, sleek flooring options, such as laminates, tiles, or coated concrete, can add style and panache to even the most industrial interiors. Finding perfect flooring that also fits your corporate budget may feel like a challenge, but it is possible. First, you need to do a little research in order to examine some of the most reasonably priced options for your commercial space. 

Safety Matters

Yes, your flooring must have visual appeal and fit your budget – however, it is even more important to ensure that it is safe. Slippery flooring can bring a host of problems – including costly litigation. When you consider your plan for purchasing the perfect floor for your property, always look for coatings or materials that provide excellent grip and increase slip resistance. It’s vital that your flooring be functional as well as attractive and affordable. 

For workspaces, garages, and patios, special coatings can be applied to a range of surfaces, offering superior skid-resistance, while also making the floor appear smoother, shinier, and more colorful. One example of this type of coating is epoxy paint with a non-skid aggregate for concrete floors. Epoxies have special properties that enhance grip and reduce the likelihood of slips and falls; these paint coatings are also designed for heavy traffic…they hold up extremely well for a very long time… 

Laminates Can Save You Money

Wooden hardwood flooring is traditional, beautiful, and quite expensive. To mimic the look of a hardwood floor, consider choosing durable laminates that work for your residential or commercial space. There are two forms of laminate flooring – the first is called direct pressure laminate, and the second type is known as high pressure laminate. Direct-pressure laminate has four strong layers, and high-pressure laminate, which will usually cost more, comes with an extra layer of protection. In general, more inexpensive direct-pressure laminate (DPL) is perfectly adequate for commercial applications. Crafted from melamine resin and fiberboard, laminate flooring can give your property a fresh, clean look that is quite inviting…without busting your budget.

Vinyl Flooring Works For Many Commercial Spaces

In healthcare facilities and other commercial spaces, vinyl flooring provides an easy-care, affordable flooring solution. Sold in sheets, this type of flooring comes in a dizzying array of colors and finishes. In some cases, vinyl can be designed to give the look of stone, wood, or tile flooring. Since vinyl is welded into place at the seams (with the use of special chemicals), it offers great protection from moisture. Vinyl sheets may also feature special embedded patterns that offer superior slip resistance. 

As you can see, there are several affordable ways to get the look (and safety features) you want when you choose flooring for commercial use. Whatever you decide, be certain that you choose an installation company with many years of experience. Today’s high-tech laminates, paint coatings, and vinyl flooring sheets require expert installation; in some cases, the wrong application methods can result in buckling, sagging, and an uneven, unsafe floor surface. To protect the people who will be using your commercial space, and to add value to your property, you must find a flooring company that is up to date on the most modern, professional installation techniques. 

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