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May 5, 2009

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The global economic crisis continues to dampen the profitability of many industries and businesses, but the industrial coatings market is in relatively better shape than most. This is due in large part to the continuing demand for coatings services from the construction, machinery and manufacturing sectors. These industries, after all, remain sturdy pillars of the country’s economy — providing important products to the populace — and therefore are compelled to continue their day-to-day production activities despite reduced manpower and lower levels of operation.

Since it is business as usual for these sectors, industrial coatings companies are hard-pressed to continue providing quality industrial coatings for their manufacturing and repair needs. Not an easy task with the soaring prices of raw materials and the increasing competition posed by overseas manufacturers. Coating manufacturers in the country are continually challenged to produce better industrial coatings and processes that are competitive in terms of costs and quality.

As the competition heats up between local and foreign coatings manufacturers, the end users benefit with wider choices in better-enhanced, high-quality and cost-efficient industrial coatings. The best industrial coatings products in the market — from epoxy thermal cures to polyurethane high-gloss topcoats — give industrial coatings experts the freedom to achieve successful yet affordable results that provide the best performance and protection in coatings application projects.

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