Recycled Paint as Alternative to Ordinary Paints

November 2, 2011

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At present, there are several best practices and advancements in painting technologies that not only consider the welfare of the environment but also maintain the same high quality paint performance as that of non-green paints and coatings.

Facility managers, commercial painting contractors, paint manufacturers and raw material suppliers are joining the efforts of government organizations to alleviate environmental damage by searching for better ways to adopt green products, methods and technology used on buildings and properties. They are aware that going green helps lessen negative impact to the environment and brings cost savings to building projects.

One of these noteworthy green methodologies is the application of a second coating in building projects. This practice is eco-friendly because it not only requires very little surface preparation and materials, it also guarantees a longer life to the building and provide stronger protection against daily wear-and-tear.

Another environment-friendly option is to use recycled paint as an alternative to ordinary paints. Recycled paint offers the same degree of performance as standard paints while at the same time lessening the harm to the environment.

A smart green practice is the proper storage and disposal of paints and coatings. Proper storage extends the usefulness of any paint for future projects, and proper disposal ensures lesser waste contaminants are released to the environment. It is also a viable practice to buy only the right amount of paint or coatings for a particular project to eliminate the cost of extra or unused paint.

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