Red Flags on Questionable Painting Contractors

December 27, 2010

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The painting contracting industry is one service-oriented industry that has become a necessity to facility and property owners. As such, many fly-by-night contractors-cum-scammers have jumped on the industry bandwagon hoping to cash in on the opportunity.

As a form of protection against a scamming painting contractor, here are some danger signs that facility manager should watch out for in a painting contractor being considered for the job:

1. Cannot provide referrals of previous work. The scamming painting contractor will make excuses such as citing non-existing client confidentiality agreements or privacy concerns, which is almost often untrue.

2. Asks for upfront payment. A legitimate painting contractor will not ask for an advance payment on services not yet rendered or for materials not yet bought much less estimated.

3. Cannot provide a service guarantee in writing. As with any business transaction, facility managers should not rely on verbal agreements alone, but should ask for a written document.

4. Cannot provide an estimate of the job. If the painting contractor cannot provide a clear estimate of the job, it shows lack of skills and experience about the project.

5. Quotes prices that are far too low or too high. You may not know the actual estimates for the project, but a painting contractor should. Compare the quotes with other contractors and ask the suspect contractor the reason for the extreme pricing. Chances are the price is altered to either tempt or rip-off the facility manager.

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