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September 20, 2012

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How Painting Contractors Repair Steel Structural Damage

Damage to your steel structural components can severely impact the investment your commercial or industrial facility represents. You may be surprised to learn that the most common cause of structural damage in commercial buildings is corrosion due to environmental exposure—and that a professional painting contractor can often repair this damage.

Methods commercial painting companies use to fix structural damage

Surface rust and corrosion represents the early stages of steel structural problems. If these conditions are caught in time, industrial painting contractors can repair and even reverse the damage.

This is accomplished through a variety of methods and strategies. Grinding techniques or power tool cleaning can be used to remove existing rust and corrosion. Commercial painting contractors may also use water blasting to remove surface contaminants. Once the damage is removed, a protective coating is applied to prevent further corrosion.

Why maintenance is essential

If environmental exposure and corrosion is left unchecked, your steel structural components could suffer damage requiring more than surface repair and painting. In some cases, structural components may require removal and replacement.

With preventative maintenance, you can avoid this type of expensive damage. Steel structural coatings applied by knowledgeable painting contractors can protect your investment for years while they enhance the aesthetic appeal of your commercial or industrial facility.

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