Replace or Repair: Dilemma of Keeping Equipment in Top Condition

October 1, 2011

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As a business owner you are required either to replace or repair your equipment throughout the life of your business. This is the dilemma of keeping your equipment in top condition. Surprisingly, not many companies choose to repair their equipment; instead they choose the costlier option of replacement. While replacement might seem to be an easier choice, it’s one that can drain a company’s profits quickly. Before choosing replacement, be aware that repair may prove to be far more cost-effective and hassle-free than you might expect.

Advances in industrial paint technology have made it quick, easy, and affordable to protect equipment from harmful elements such as acid rain, corrosion, rust and fire. An industrial painting contractor can help make plant and equipment managers make the best decision about whether replacement or repair is best. Assessing the life expectancy and usage of any piece of equipment and its current state will provide insight into whether repainting or replacing is the best course of action.

If repainting is indicated, the first step in the process is surface preparation. A sandblasting technique is used to rid the surface of impurities. This makes the paint application easier and more durable. The second step is choosing the best paint for the job – industrial quality paint is almost always needed.

There are a variety of industrial paints to choose from, including: touch-up paint, enamel equipment paint, industrial paint specifically for amusement park equipment, and more. There are also different paint application processes appropriate for different jobs, including powder coating, paint booths, and others. The paint itself and its application method must be matched to the specific project.

Consulting with a professional commercial painting expert is a wise move, rather than trying to make these determinations yourself. Professionals know which paint to use in order to get the best results in extending the life of any piece of equipment. In most cases, repainting equipment is a far better investment than paying for new equipment because most of the time the equipment still functions properly even if the paint is fading and peeling.

Before investing in new equipment, be sure to consult with a commercial painting contractor to see whether repainting is an appropriate solution. Investing in a new paint job can not only extend the life of your equipment, it also protects your company’s image. Customers, vendors, and competitors pay attention to how well your equipment is maintained.

Replace or repair: the dilemma of keeping your equipment in top condition is a problem every business faces at some point. Making a wise decision here can help any business realize significant cost reduction. Consider a new industrial paint job to protect and preserve your equipment.

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