Researching the Paints of the Future

April 22, 2010

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Paint manufacturers are currently conducting research and development for the coating systems of the future. Environmental safety and cost efficiency are the primary agenda of the research efforts. In the near future, energy-efficient paints with lower toxic emissions will be available at affordable prices. The painting processes themselves are also being subjected to various studies.

Painting contractors will soon have access to products and technology that meet the current and future requirements of the painting industry, such as:

1. Improved paint application efficiency. Current application methods and practices are being revised to support future formulations. The powder paint technology, for instance, is being researched in tandem with radical changes in spray booths. This technology aims to improve paint quality at lesser manufacturing costs.

2. Environment-friendly formulations and applications. The focus is on water-based and -water soluble paints that have lower-VOC levels and are fire-retardant compared to ordinary paints. Painting processes are also being improved for CO2 reduction.

3. Paint disposal and recycleability. Waste reduction at all stages of the painting application is the subject of researches. The possibility of an efficient recycling system is also being explored

4. Smart and self-cleaning paints. The idea has been around for some time, inspired by the lotus plant that resists dirt and cleans itself. A coating compound to resist surface dirt and cleanse itself easily with rain or water is being developed in laboratories. Chameleon paints that change color depending on environmental conditions are also in the research agenda. The future release of these smart paints is much anticipated by painting contractors.

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