Resistance to Chemicals is a Property of Epoxy Flooring

February 16, 2012

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Epoxy is only somewhat chemical resistant, but not completely unaffected. Harsh chemicals, i.e. Formaldehyde, will affect a standard epoxy.

Chemical substances are on the premises in most warehouses and industrial factories. These chemicals can spill onto the floor during the course of business operations and cause damage. Dents and pockmarks are often the effects caused by using some chemicals that contain acids and abrasives. It is likely that this will affect the floor profile and smoothness.

Durability of Epoxy Floors

It is important to tell your deck coatings contractor what type of equipment, and its weight, will be used in the facility so that the floor can be done to handle this traffic.

Floors made from epoxy can last for many years, but a simple epoxy floor will not handle heavy equipment traffic. This is very important.

The floor can become scuffed and scraped when these vehicles are in use, and there is also the risk of additional stress to the floor. It can be a considerable challenge to make the perfect flooring inside your business warehouse.

There are many issues to consider when installing a new flooring system, including how your warehouse will look and operate and be maintained. Just as in any type of business decision, turn your epoxy flooring installation over to the professionals and get it done right the first time.

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