Retail Stores & Colors of Paint you Choose

February 18, 2012

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The type of product line you sell in your commercial retail store will have a lot to do with the colors of paint you choose and the store’s overall decorating scheme. The walls, flooring, countertops, and ceilings all work together to create an identity for your retail store. The interior decor of your business will create a look and feel that will identify your brand and invite your customers to come back to visit, frequently.

As you start to peruse and select different colors, think about what fixtures and features the store already has in place. In the event you have framing, windows and display cabinets that feature a great deal of chrome framing and/or natural wood, you should mirror those colors in your walls and floors. It’s necessary to think about where the natural and artificial light comes in, too. Should there be big windows in the front, ask yourself if they’ve been blocked off by displays and hidden. Keep in mind the fact that darker shades are apt to absorb the light very well. If the space doesn’t have enough natural light, pick colors and flooring that brighten the area and can even reflect the light that does exist.

The next thing to do is think about which colors your customers will like. Children love the primary colors. Light colors are frequently thought of as feminine, although pale blue and green is known for their relaxing qualities. Earthy shades help identify ecologically aware businesses, and they may also be considered somewhat masculine. Earth tones are generally neutrals that go with a lot of other shades and also won’t show soil or wear and tear as easily as other shades might.

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