Reuse, Renew, Recycle with Concrete

March 31, 2010

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Builders find concrete to be one of the most abundant materials on the planet, making it a commonly-used component in contemporary construction projects. But beyond being plentiful, concrete is also gaining a good reputation for being an environment-friendly construction material.

In these times when saving and protecting the earth from any form of degradation has become a common battle cry, even the building industry has began to examine its myriad of building concepts, practices and materials. The result is the Green Building Movement that espouses only the use of construction techniques and materials that do no harm to the environment.

The ordinarily gray concrete takes on a green tint for concrete finish contractors because of some unique characteristics that make it perfect for green construction. Concrete is not only produced from abundant materials like limestone, but it is also sourced from alternative materials like ash. Concrete finish contractors know that these alternative materials are mere waste -products of other industrial processes. The re-use of these by-products to make concrete lessens waste accumulation, putting to good use materials that are commonly thrown away as useless.

When concrete applications reach their end life, or are no longer useful, or need to be replaced in the facility, concrete finish contractors know concrete can still be recycled instead of being disposed of as waste. Crushed concrete are used for other applications such as road and sidewalk construction, making concrete one of the most versatile and sustainable materials that can be used to support ecologically-friendly building initiatives.

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