Part 1 – The Right Way to Building a Good Painting Crew

November 10, 2008

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How a Professional Painting Company Picks the Right PeopleCrew

In the commercial and industrial painting world, the basic working unit is the painting crew. Knowing how to put together a tightly knit, highly efficient work crew is the defining activity for a painting company. If the company can field great painting crews, then financial success is a lot more likely.

A professional painting company considers the painting crews as the front line of their business. Sure, the clients’ project managers and facilities directors talk with the home office, but the crews at the job site see and talk to clients face to face every working day. Add in the contact time between the crew and the employees of industrial and commercial clients, and there is a lot of potential for a painting company’s people to make a great impression when and where it really counts.

Putting together the ideal painting crew is about recognizing the value of people, and putting that recognition and skill set to work for the company. A well-tuned painting crew does more than accomplish work. The right people can actually drive business for a painting company. So consider carefully before your company makes that all important hiring decision. Hiring the wrong person can cost your company valuable time and money, not to mention the time it takes to find the right replacement.

Part two will include the details of putting together the crew.

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