Roof Coatings for Industrial and Commercial Facilities

March 16, 2009

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Facility managers and industrial coating contractors have come to recognize the important role that roof coatings play in the total performance of the roofing system. Roof coatings contribute significantly to prolonging the longevity and sustainability of a facility’s roof system.

Nowhere is this critical role of roof coatings more evident than during roof maintenance and repair projects. Whenever roof problems arise, facility managers are often at the crossroads of decision-making, either to replace the roof or opt for root coatings applications. Often, the end result is that financial considerations become the major yardstick in the decision-making, because roof replacement is far too expensive when compared to roof coatings applications.

For affordable yet effective roof coatings, Elastomeric or Polyurea roof coatings are the popular choices. An elastomeric coating, in particular, enhances the roof by keeping it watertight for longer periods of time. Polyurea roof coatings, on the other hand, are rapid-setting and highly-reflective coatings that are useful as fire retardants.

Industrial and commercial facilities benefit much from roof coatings that provide protection from roof damages, extending the useful life and sustain the performance of roof systems. The accurate implementation of roof coatings translates to concrete monetary benefits to every facility maintenance projects.

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