Roof Overhangs for Exterior Waterproofing

July 27, 2010

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There are a several benefits to the proper installation of roof overhangs in commercial buildings. The first is providing an appropriate shield from the hot sun that can bring unwanted hot temperatures to the building interior. The other is protecting the building from moisture damage whenever sudden gusts of rain and wind carry water inside the building.

Although exterior commercial waterproofing contractors often focus on sealing the walls and building foundations from moisture entry, roof overhangs are also one of the things in their checklist when implementing an effective exterior commercial waterproofing system.

Roof overhangs are extensions to the roof system. They appear as extra architectural features over entryways and windows. They not only enhance a building’s look, they also provide shelter and protection for building occupants caught outside in sudden gusts of rain. On top of these, roof overhangs also control water runoff and prevent rain and snow from coming directly through these entry points.

When doors, thresholds and windows are protected by an overhang, they are less likely to sustain water damages that can cause rots and decay, assuring their long-term durability. The appropriate sizing of overhangs can effectively provide exterior commercial waterproofing to walls and foundations. The larger the overhang the better for building protection. Storied buildings require larger overhangs to protect windows and doors at all building levels.

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