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January 8, 2013

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Broadcast and anti-skid deck coatings

When it comes to flooring, safety is one of the primary concerns for commercial and industrial facilities. It’s important to ensure that both your customers and your employees are protected from slips and falls in high-risk areas. Additionally, your flooring is usually subjected to heavy traffic and must be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Broadcast and anti-skid deck coatings are designed to meet these concerns for your facility. When applied by a skilled commercial painting contractor, these specialized types of floor coatings enhance both the aesthetic value and the safety of your property.

What it is

Most broadcast and anti-skid floor coatings combine an aggregate with a durable type of paint to form a surface that is slip-resistant, yet smooth and easy to clean. The types of aggregate used in broadcast coating include aluminum oxide, silica sand, glass beads, colored quarts, flint silica, and synthetic. This material may be fine or coarse, depending on the desired degree of skid resistance.

The aggregate can be combined with several types of paint, including basic acrylic (glass beads and synthetic aggregate only) as well as resin paints. However, for most commercial and industrial applications, broadcast and anti-skid floor coatings use resin paints such as epoxy or urethane to create a non-slip surface.

Where to use it

Anti-skid coatings are often used for exterior applications, such as balconies, promenades, and outdoor decks, where the flooring surface is exposed to the elements and can become slippery with rain or snow. It is also commonly used for pool decks and walkways around fountains.

Another popular use for broadcast coatings is in high-traffic commercial and industrial facilities where durability and cleanliness are essential for operations, as these types of coatings are impermeable to fluids. Examples include hospitals and health facilities, restaurants, and food processing plants.

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