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April 1, 2010

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Transform ordinary facility walls with eye-catching murals and art works that make any location in the facility a pleasing place to stay in.  The same effect as when decorative coatings are installed in the facility, attractive wall coverings turn plain rooms into art canvasses where clients and visitors can happily wait or conduct their various businesses.  The choice of wall art can even induce a more relaxed and pleasing atmosphere to delight anyone.  

A wallcovering contractor can setup ornamental wall arts as part of the facility’s interior design.  They provide the best designs to choose from, based on a desired theme in mind.  Themes can vary from traditional to adventurous looks and representations.  The combination of colors and styles can result in interesting themes in which facility managers can choose from.

The professional wallcovering contractor can customize solutions that fit the facility budget.  They conduct initial consultation with the facility manager to draw out the desired theme or concept.  Based on this, they come up with the deliverables – products, process, scope and quotation for the project

The Wallcovering Application

For projects to beatify facility walls through the help of a skilled wallcovering contractor, below are the common step by step process:

  1. Assessment of the needs of the facility for quality solutions
  2. Clarification of the scope and addressing budgetary constraints, if any
  3. Custom-tailoring the best-fit solution for the facility
  4. Providing the labor and materials for the project
  5. Conducting the preparation and application process
  6. Monitoring the project from start to finish
  7. Intervening on unexpected delays and problems that arise
  8. Post-project cleanup and waste disposal

The Right Wallcovering Contractor

For a successful wall beautification project, the right skills and talents should be put in place.  The right wallcovering contractor for the job:

  1. are courteous professionals committed to do the job right,
  2. stand head and shoulders above the competition,
  3. have a long record of quality work,
  4. have a deep source of industry expertise, and
  5. possess the skilled and dedicated manpower for the task.

Facility managers may find it easier to go for the lowest-bidder, but this is often detrimental more than beneficial, because cost is not the only consideration in successful project implementation.  There have been many cases of work re-done at cost, simply because facility managers initially opted to go for wallcovering contractors that offered attractive prices and yet rushed through the design, preparation, and application processes, turning out substandard solutions.

Factors in Choosing the Best Wallcovering Contractor for the Job

For facility wall improvements, the task of choosing the right people for the job need not be a difficult task.  All it takes is ensuring that the following critical information is used in the decision-making process:

1. The length of experience of the wallcovering contractor

Longevity is commonly a sign of maturity and reliability in many areas such as knowledge and industry experience, and can also draw out the list of satisfied clientele past and present.

2. The company size and composition

This speaks of the capability to deliver any project – simple or complex – using the number of people and their expertise to handle the job.

3. The contractor’s way of working

This examines the processes, methodologies, source of materials, trade partners, and core values of the contractor and determines their capability to deliver quality solutions.

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