Scissor Lift Tip-Over Prevention

July 7, 2008

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Scissor lifts are a common piece of work equipment for painting contractors. These versatile lifts make getting to hard to reach areas a lot easier. However, the scissor lift can be a dangerous piece of equipment if it is not properly used.

Scissor lift collapses and tip-overs account for almost a third of all aerial lift related construction deaths. Many of these fatal accidents happen while moving the lift from place to place, so the first place to look when improving scissor lift safety is proper moving techniques.

  • Do not move the lift near drop-offs
  • Do not raise work platform on a slope
  • Do not raise platform on uneven or soft surfaces

Tip-over accidents are more common when the lift is above 15 feet. As the work platform is elevated, it creates a more unstable structure which amplifies wobbling caused by workers’ movements. Increasing weight also increases the chances of a tip-over accident, because the weight applied to the platform behaves like a force acting on the end of a lever. As the scissor lift is extended, the lift multiplies that force more effectively, just as a longer lever generates more power.

  • Do not exceed rated load capacity for a scissor lift
  • Do not raise the platform in windy conditions
  • Avoid excessive pushing or pulling on the elevated platform

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