Sealing Facility Leaks Effectively

October 11, 2010

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When the facility falls to moisture penetration at any weak or damaged area, the most effective solution is to act quickly to seal any leaks. And when it comes to commercial building waterproofing, the choice of the best-quality sealant is the only thing that ensures a successful and leak-free application.

When patching any leaks in the facility, commercial building waterproofing contractors often advice facility managers to choose only the most superior sealing products for the job. There are many sealant manufacturers offering different types and qualities of sealing products. Facility managers should choose the type of sealant that suits the building’s waterproofing requirements. The choice ranges from silicone-based sealants, to resin modifier sealants, or urethane-based products. Each sealant product category offers different advantages and disadvantages that should be carefully considered by the commercial building waterproofing contractor and the building owner.

Commercial building waterproofing projects are often largely influenced by the facility’s budget for the job. An experienced waterproofing company should be able to reconcile budgetary requirements with the need for quality sealants. A certified waterproofing contractor has the proven expertise to select the correct commercial building waterproofing sealant appropriate for the project. They can work within the project budget and use their knowledge of the ins and outs of the waterproofing industry — enough to pick the best sealant for the job.

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