Seamless Epoxy Resin Floors for Radiant Heating

April 7, 2011

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Nowadays, seamless epoxy resin flooring applications find important use in warming entire rooms in the facility. Rather than heat the whole room or space, radiant heat that starts from the floor or the ground up offers the same comfortable and warming benefits. Epoxy resin flooring systems allow for the heat to push through the coatings and maintain the right interior temperatures.

Low-voltage electric-powered radiant heating systems have the ability to warm whole rooms. They can be installed under any flooring surface, and works particularly well in seamless floors made from epoxy resin floorings. The heating system is efficient in its use of electricity, and hardly makes a noise as it does its work because the flooring system helps screen off any mechanical sound. Underneath seamless epoxy resin floorings the mechanical heating system is away from accidental human contact and can go on reliably working for a long period of time. The epoxy resin flooring also aids in maintaining the room temperature at a consistent level even up to the ceilings.

The radiant heat systems can be customized to fit underneath the epoxy resin flooring system. With proper installation, heat is allowed to pass through the floor and even heat furniture and objects in the room.

Epoxy resin flooring offers a big advantage for facilities that want to install radiant heating systems in their floors. The seamless floors look centerpiece beautiful but at the same perform like a workhorse in providing radiant heat to the room.

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