Secrets To Finding The Best Interior Painting Service For Your Facility

July 12, 2011

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Your commercial facility deserves the best maintenance and upgrades you can get; for this reason, choosing the right interior painting service for your building is crucial. A smooth, professional paint job will always enhance the beauty of your facility, while also adding value to your commercial investment. Getting the results you need may be easy as learning to ask any prospective contractor the right questions. Some queries to think about as you comparison shop for interior painting services include:

How do you put together a quotation?

Commercial painting experts will have years of experience painting facilities and putting together quotes for prospective clients. Your candidate should be able to tell you exactly how a quotation is formed; he or she may ask you about the total number of rooms to be painted, along with closets, baseboards, trim, and windowsills. The total square footage of your job will be converted into labor man-hours, and then the cost of supplies, plus a profit percentage for the painting firm, will be added. Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions while requesting a quote, and expect to be asked lot of questions in return. Great communication will always be the foundation of a positive business relationship between a painting company and a facility owner or manager.

How fast can you deliver?

Amateur painting companies often deliver late…or not at all; these newbies don’t always have the professionalism and experience they need to set a timeline and stick to it. If you’re looking for scheduled results you can count on, go with an established company that knows the value of its business reputation. Ask a company representative how quickly the job will get done, and what will happen if there are any unforeseen delays. Make sure your contract stipulates that the painting must be completed by a certain date.

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