Self-Cleaning “Sci-fi” Paints

December 31, 2009

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Self-cleaning paints may sound a bit too futuristic, but groundbreaking research work is actually being conducted in UK’s Defence Science Technology Laboratory (DSTL) research labs, and the results may hit the shelves much sooner than expected, to benefit industrial coatings contractors with an eye for innovative formulations.

Researchers are currently at work on new types of paints that can self-decontaminate and repel any form of chemical attacks. Still experimental in nature, industrial coatings contractors are waiting in anticipation for these sci-fi paints to hit the commercial market. Currently, the paints are applied in strips to target surfaces, and when they are properly applied they have the ability to soak up any dangerous or toxic chemicals in the surrounding air. When these chemicals are absorbed by the paint, the air is cleared and breathable once again.

In the future, additional enhancements will include built-in catalytic enzymes to process the absorbed chemicals, thus giving it the ability to decontaminate itself.

The ultimate goal of this technology is stuff for science fiction fans. The coatings will be engineered to change color when contaminated, release the catalysts enzymes to decontaminate itself, and return to its original color to indicate that it is clean. Industrial coatings contractors will also find it useful that, like ordinary paint, the new paints are easy to apply or remove using standard rollers or sprays.

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