Shopping for the Right Paint Color for the Facility

December 3, 2010

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To make sure that paint buying really addresses your requirements when it comes to getting the paint color right, the painting company often follows the shopping guide below:

1. Use light to get the right paint color. Lighting can affect the eye’s perception of what color is. The painting company contractor examines paint chips under various lighting conditions — incandescent or fluorescent– and most especially under natural light, to get the actual desired color.

2. Bring a color reference. The painting company contractor often brings in a piece of fabric or color reference from the target area to be painted, and use this to get a perfect match with the paint in the hardware store. This avoids buying paint colors that clash with the target area in the facility.

3. Get the quantity right. The painting company bases paint quantity calculations on the size of the room to be painted. They take room measurements and bring this to the paint store, where the clerks are skilled at calculating the correct amount of paints and primers needed for the job.

4. Ask the experts. When unsure, the painting company can best advise the facility manager about the paint requirements of the project. Online surfing can return a lot of information about paints, such as their qualities and properties.

5. Buy white. The painting company often recommends the purchase of extra white paint. White paint is handy to have around the project, because it can be used to re-touch or lighten up the effect of already-applied paint.

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