Short Listing Painting Contractors

November 4, 2010

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The painting contractor that’s just right for your project should come out of a careful and thorough selection process. Repairs and maintenance work in your facility cost money, and it should be money well-spent on the most qualified painting contractor that can deliver quality work on a budget that fits your requirements perfectly.

The narrowing-down process in choosing the right painting contractor is made easy if you base their estimates on your specifications. Using your set specifications, you are basically pitting the candidate contractors’ time and cost estimates against each other. The bidding painting contractor that can bring to the negotiation table the best estimates in terms of workmanship, timeliness, and cost-savings will have a fair chance of being your painting contractor of choice.

But beyond the review of cost, time plans, and workmanship, there is another aspect of the selection process that should be taken into consideration. With the major variables already examined, the facility manager must also look into the references and work experiences put forth by the “finalist” contractors.

It is natural for facility managers to request a reference from bidding contractors. The facility manager must then use the details provided and contact the declared references. This is basically a background check on the reputation and capabilities of the contractor, by obtaining the testimonials of people that they had dealings with in their past projects.

When contractors are narrowed down further into the most reputable ones, the only remaining basis for the decision is based on costs. The painting contractor that can be negotiated with to bring the most favorable cost is THE contractor of choice.

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