Silicone Elastomeric Coating Service Contractors

April 7, 2011

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For facilities in need of various coatings-related applications, there are many elastomeric coating service contractors in the coatings business. Recent coatings technology enhancements has given way to silicone elastomeric coatings, which exhibit more longevity and better weather-proofing abilities than regular coatings. This has made silicone elastomerics popular for commercial, industrial and residential facilities. This is why elastomeric coating service contractors began specializing in this kind of coatings technology as well.

In hiring the elastomeric coating service contractors that specialize in silicone elastomeric painting, it is best to short-list those that have more experience in silicone painting in a wide range of surface types. Facility managers should focus on the technical expertise of these contractors, and should be very interested in how they approach a particular situation and what materials and methods they would use. For example, if the facility needs repairs of those annoying hairline cracks, what silicone elastomeric paint do they often use? What about for weather-proofing the building exterior? Do they possess the knowledge of silicone paints that are capable of stretching and shrinking to accommodate cracks and keep the building water-tight?

When it comes to surface preparation, what differing methods do these elastomeric coating service contractors use to prepare the surface for the new silicone formulation? Facility managers must be keenly aware that silicone coatings systems are specialized applications that need extra careful surface preparations, particularly when applied to existing acrylic or standard coatings.

Furthermore, silicone coatings come with manufacturer’s warranties. Elastomeric coating service contractors must follow the recommendations in the product sheet properly, beginning with surface preparation, so as to avoid violating the manufacturer’s warranty.

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