Simple Custom Concrete Finish Techniques

December 22, 2009

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Custom concrete finish is one of the most popular applications sought by facility managers to create interesting and enduring works of art in facility floors and spaces. Concrete is easy to customize into beautiful concrete finish because of its malleability when wet, allowing painting contractors to achieve the specific requirements of the application.

Any office space or production floor is customized meticulously and manually, but this process is actually very straightforward and simple. The process gives painting contractors more control of the application, allowing them to make adjustments at every step of the application process.

In customizing concrete finish, contractors can modify thicknesses and the manner of application in order to achieve the intended strength and durability of the concrete finish. The colors and aggregate materials can be experimented with to achieve the desired aesthetic appeal.

The most basic method used in customizing concrete finish is through the use of a trowel. With the trowel, subtle patterns can be created in the wet concrete mix, from random arcs and geometric patterns. These designs will add texture to the concrete finish, making it skid-proof and imbuing it with surface traction when the concrete dries. Steel bristles or lawn rakes are also used. In lieu of textured surface etchings, embedding aggregate materials like pebbles or colored glass when the concrete is in the semi-wet state is also another way to create traction.

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