Smarten Facility Walls and Rework Ordinary Office Space

November 14, 2011

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There are many ways with which to smarten the facility walls and rework ordinary spaces into enjoyable work spaces. Focusing exclusively on wall covering projects, the right wall covering contractor can create and implement beautiful wall art and murals that make office cubicles ideal places to relax and carry out business tasks.

To ensure the success of wall covering project, the wall covering contractor needs to undergo the following step-by-step implementation processes:

1. Assess the requirements for this facility. This is made possible through a face-to-face discussion with the facility manager, who can articulate the requirements or any unusual concept he may have in mind.

2. Clarification of the scope and budgetary constraints, if any. Constraints are sometimes cost-related, but other issues such as downtime, execution time, and the like, also will need to be ironed out or clarified in the early stages of the project.

3. Custom-tailoring the most effective-fit solution for this facility. The wall covering contractor comes up with a choice of wall covering materials and concepts to be presented to the facility manager, that, together with costs, will help in developing out the best wall covering solution.

3. Providing the labor and materials for the project. The wall covering contractor must possess the resources (manpower, equipment, materials, and skills) to manage the project through to completion.

4. Carry out the preparation, application and post-application processes. Following agreed specifications and time plans, the wall covering contractor must perform wall cleaning and surface preparation; execute the wall covering procedures; and observe work quality and safety standards at all times. Monitoring and intervening based on unexpected events, as well as post-project cleanup, must also be done appropriately before any project can be deemed successful.

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