When water seepage is evident in any area in the facility, waterproofing contractors know that water damage is probably already in progress. The sooner that waterproofing contractors locate the source of water infiltration, the faster they can assess the extent of the damage. And even more important, the quicker they can arrive at the most accurate solution to the problem.

Waterproofing contractors conduct an extensive inspection of where the water saturation maybe coming from. It could come from cracks in building walls and floors, leaks in roofs, a burst drainage pipe, or run-off from lawns or gardens.

When the source of the problem and the extent of damage have finally been assessed, it is time for waterproofing contractors to develop the best solution, one that primarily involves waterproofing the affected area.

For areas of the facility that are already suffering from water damage, waterproofing contractors clean the affected spot thoroughly to remove dirt and foreign materials from the surface. Once done, waterproofing contractors choose from many products, such as vinyl or resin coatings and sealants, to apply to the affected surface. Often, too, they also choose to treat the surface with sealing materials that penetrate the surface first, forming an effective barrier that water can no longer infiltrate.

For pro-active waterproofing, the use of epoxy-based sealants is often utilized by waterproofing contractors to protect concrete surfaces from moisture permeation.