Some Useful Commercial Deck Waterproofing Tips

February 24, 2011

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Commercial decks are exposed to pedestrian traffic often enough, and receive repairs and maintenance often enough, that experienced deck waterproofing contractors already know by heart how to deal with almost any kind of deck condition there is. There are also shortcuts and tricks that they use to make commercial deck waterproofing applications easier and more efficient.

Here are few of those:

1. Rubber aggregates are often used for commercial deck waterproofing of pedestrian-trafficked decks. They are flexible, absorb less moisture, and can lower the deck’s surface temperature remarkably. Plus, they feel great to walk on.

2. Vehicle-trafficked areas need coarser decks, so the commercial deck waterproofing system often includes fine-grade deck-coat sand for better slip resistance.

3. MSDS sheets should be conscientiously read prior to commercial deck waterproofing applications.

4. The application technique is practiced first in a trial area before actual application.

5. If there is a waiting time for base coatings to set before top coat is applied, covering it with a black plastic sheet will protect the deck from contamination and UV rays damage. Less clean-up is needed when the base coat has set and it is time to apply the top coat.

6. Commercial deck waterproofing contractors may use paint accelerators to advance the curing rate. This is a bit tricky and need to be practiced first, and the surrounding’s temperature can factor heavily in the outcome.

For commercial deck waterproofing system maintenance, the deck’s useful life is increased with regular cleaning. Use soaps, water and a scrub brush or broom to do this. To preserve the good condition of the system longer, it helps to apply a fresh coat on the top layer every time rubber and other aggregates start to show.

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