Sources of Water Damage in Properties

February 2, 2010

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For building properties plagued by moisture or dampness penetration, waterproofing contractors tasked to assess and provide solution to the problem know that prevention is most often better than the cure.

Waterproofing contractors often encounter remediation projects where the water damage could have been prevented by advanced waterproofing precautions. Furthermore, the cost and severity of the water damage could have been lesser if only timely intervention have been done before the damage worsened in the facility.

To protect the property from water permeation, waterproofing contractors often conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vulnerable spots in the property. These areas are where dampness can seep into the facility and bring gradual deterioration and damage.

Below are some of the locations or aspects of the facility that can be entered by moisture and damp, to catalyze water damage:

1. Porous or water-vulnerable building materials
2. Cracks and holes
3. Badly-sealed splices
4. Varying temperature and humidity
5. Leaks and damages in roofs
6. Poorly-maintained drainage systems
7. Leaks in decorative fountains, lakes and other bodies of water nearby
8. Groundwater run-off

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