SPI Launches Innovative Concrete-resurfacing and Waterproofing Polyurea Elastomer

June 5, 2013

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Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3™ was launched after much R&D and field tests. It is a cost-effective, one-step coating solution that provides seamless, monolithic surface coating for different surfaces.

This not only provides excellent results but also cuts down project time and material expenses. It avoids having to apply a concrete primer, mortar filler or dry sacking.

This polyurea elastomer can be used across many different industries: from the rehabilitation of water and wastewater infrastructure to the restoration of historic structures. This product could potentially revolutionize waterproofing contractors’ business!

Recently, it was tested in a Midwestern town looking to renovate its wastewater infrastructure. City officials wanted a solution that would prolong the life of the structure. In the end, the work crew saved a week of time by using Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3, thereby saving the city money on labor and material used.

It can also be used to waterproof and resurface concrete. A historical home in Washington State had its non-compacted, porous concrete basement renovated using Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3. It provided coverage of surface imperfections in one application.

One giant advantage of this product is it can be applied with both high and low pressure proportioning equipment.

For many years, concrete has presented a challenge for polyurea concrete coatings. Traditional high pressure, high heat, plural component equipment typically experiences blow holes. These blow holes are caused by air that is trapped within the pores (bug holes) and capillaries of the concrete. Bug hole prevention is time consuming and labor intensive, turning into an expensive process.

SPI’s Aquaseal Hi-Rise X3 provides a non-commodity, cutting edge product that serves a wide range of industries and needs but delivers uniform and effective results across the board.

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