SSPC Certification Programs – QP1 and QP2

January 20, 2009

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The Society for Protective Coatings or SSPC gives industry standard certifications through its Painting Contractor Certification Programs. Industrial coating contractors usually submit themselves to SSPC’s certification standards because being certified by SSPC adds to the credibility of any industrial coating contractor’s portfolio.

Industrial coating contractors seeking certification in SSPC’s standards must undergo several categorized programs, ranging from QP1 to QP6. The first two programs review the industrial coating contractor’s competency to deliver quality work and the contractor’s capability to adhere to safety, health and environmental compliance standards.

Below are the details of the first two certification programs:

QP1 is the minimum standard certification program for industrial coating contractors who usually conduct surface preparation and coating application activities to any open-air marine and industrial steel constructions. Coating contractors with activities involving liquid storage containers, ship maintenance, electrical power plants, bridges, industrial warehouses, and retail food facilities are covered in this program category.

QP2 certifies coating contractors on their ability to perform hazardous paint removal. Industrial coating contractors must be able to exhibit their protective capabilities and be able to keep their workers away from harm during any project. QP2 certification is divided into two parts based on two different environments in common hazardous paint removal activities. Category A is for negative air containment and Category B is without negative air containment.

The next blog will discuss the rest of SSPC’s program categories – Q3 and higher.

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