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January 21, 2009

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Continued: SSPC certification programs

The previous blog talked about the first two program categories – QP1 and QP2 – provided by the Society for Protective Coatings or SSPC for industrial coating contractors. Undergoing SSPC’s certification program will add to the credibility and marketability of any coating contractor. Some more categories under SSPC’s certification program are discussed below:

QP3 assesses coating contractors’ ability to perform protective coating and surface preparation inside or outside any building. The guidelines in QP3 are vital to coating longevity. Industrial coating contractors are reviewed on their work practices when it comes to permanent structures that are enclosed or covered — locations that are not subject to varying outdoor weather conditions. QP3 also reviews contractors’ capability to conduct on permanent facilities without roof or walls and are open to the weather.

QP5 is for inspection companies specializing in industrial coating and lining industries. QP5 reviews the capabilities of inspection companies to provide quality inspections. This program promotes consistent and quality inspections and ensures checks and balances between the inspection company and building owners.

Other SSPC category programs are QP6 that certifies the ability of industrial thermal spray contractors to apply metallizing sprays such as zinc, aluminum, and zinc anodes on steel. QP8 certifies contractors’ ability to apply polymer coatings in industrial, business, or institutional buildings. Another certification program, the Protective Coatings Specialist Certification (PCS) certifies that contractors can handle all commercial, industrial, and institutional coating needs.

SSPC’s certification programs certify industrial contractors and even inspection companies. The valuable certification process ensures that these companies meet industry standards and will be able to provide quality service to their clients.

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