Stage 4: Completion & Follow-up

February 28, 2013

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What happens at the close of a commercial painting project

The final stroke of paint has been applied, and the painting crews have removed all the equipment, area markings, and other preparatory items from the project area. Your commercial or industrial painting project is completed. Now what happens?

For a good commercial painting contractor, the job doesn’t end when the crews pack up for the last time. This is the stage where customer service sets apart the exceptional contractors from the substandard.

Project walk-through

Of course, you’ll want to view the results of the painting project at your commercial or industrial facility. Your contractor foreman should walk you through the project area, allowing you to view the finished product and answering any questions you may have. The contractor should also be willing to address any concerns or issues that you notice in the project area—even if it means scheduling crews to return to the site.

In addition to the walk-through, the commercial painting contractor may schedule a final consultation, and sit down with you to discuss the overall project. During this time, the contractor will be looking to ensure your complete satisfaction, as well as uncover any issues that can be applied to future projects for continued performance improvement.

Ongoing maintenance and upkeep

Commercial and industrial facilities are busy places, with a lot of traffic that can cause everyday wear and tear. Since not all damage to painted surfaces requires a completely new coat of paint, some contractors offer maintenance painting programs to keep your facility looking fresh and clean throughout the year.

Maintenance painting allows you to retain the aesthetic appeal of your facility without exceeding your budget. The best types of maintenance programs are customized to the unique needs of your business, and include frequent site assessments to monitor the conditions both inside and out. With a maintenance painting program, you also enjoy a dedicated crew that is familiar with your facility, your staff, and your requirements.

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