Steel Bridge Painting, Repair and Maintenance Projects

November 12, 2011

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Bridge painting contractors assigned to the bridge painting project should have the needed skills and experience for applications such as heavy machinery coating, high-rise coating, and heavy industrial painting, among others. The bridge contractor who has cross-trained for such tasks and applications provides a stronger guarantee of surmounting any issues that arise.

Bridge repair and maintenance projects often demand the completion of certain essential activities to ensure success. These activities are critical to the project because they offer solutions to major challenges that may be encountered in such a large-scale painting project. These tasks may range from highly-specialized applications such as steel structural coating, deck coatings and marking, sandblasting, chemical abrasion and coating, sealant applications, to name a few.

Bridge painting also carries additional challenges to compound the enormity and complexity of the project. Some examples of these are the logistics of controlling bridge traffic in the duration of the project, the protection of surrounding properties and environs from any form of damage, the safety of bridge workers, keeping the bridge safe for passing vehicles, and the prevention of any untoward incidents or accidents that could lead to bridge closure.

These factors and a lot more, require real experience from full-service bridge painting contractors that know the kinds of conditions that the bridge painting project demands. An extensive experience in bridge painting operations assure that the project completes successfully to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders – the public, workers, and the environment.

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