Steps You Can Take Now For a Green Commercial Building

July 6, 2009

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The construction sector is known as one of the many industries that release significant amounts of pollutants in the atmosphere. Recognizing this, the building industry is embracing the Green Building Movement as a show of support to save the environment from harmful VOC emissions.

The greening of commercial buildings takes shape in the form of the following initiatives:

1. Designing green commercial buildings

Commercial building designers are conceptualizing green buildings in the drawing boards, with a mind to conserve water, use and reuse energy and dispose waste properly. The green design involves the use of the least harmful of materials, equipments, commercial building painting products, and construction methods, ensuring a well-constructed and environment-friendly commercial building.

2. The EPA guidelines for green commercial buildings

The US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA provides a comprehensive knowledge base to help the commercial building industry build greener facilities. EPA launched four “flagship” campaigns in the areas of energy conservation, air quality, water efficiency, and waste disposal. Integrated within the programs are the manufacture, use, and disposal of commercial building painting products to decrease VOC emission.

3. Green commercial building painting

The proper application and disposal of low- to zero-VOC commercial building painting products are essential in the construction of green buildings. Painting contractors with the commitment and skills to implement green building projects are increasing in demand as the green consciousness takes root among facility owners and managers.

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