Storage Tank Painting for the Environment

September 30, 2010

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Painting storage tanks often involve different types of situations, such as bad weather, erratic temperatures and location-based obstacles. The crew must deal with any of these factors and deliver the same quality work every single time. However, the increasing concern to protect and preserve the environment has storage tank painting contractors dealing with a new challenge — upholding environmental safety at every aspect of their work.

It was not long ago that tank owners and painting contractors only concern themselves with what coating color to re-coat the tank with, or which primer is better, or which formulations offer the longest service life to tanks but at the lowest costs. Today, coatings selection is done with green criteria such as which storage tank painting product releases the lowest VOCs levels, complies with environmental standards, and emits the lowest amount of toxic green house gasses, among others.

Today’s storage tank painting contractors learn to acquire the knowledge and skills to perform environment-friendly tank jobs. They constantly update their knowledge base through formal classes, seminars and industry trade conferences. To keep up with new technologies and regulations on green technologies, they also upgrade their learnings of OSHA, EPA and state environmental laws and building codes.

Today’s storage tank painting formulations have evolved in response to environmental concerns. They are designed to deliver a combination of good performance, low maintenance requirements, longer life cycles, and lesser harm to the environment. But despite these well-designed and highly-sophisticated coatings, performance expectations are only met with proper application and a sincerely green mindset on the part of the painting contractors.

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