Structural Waterproofing Issues

June 9, 2009

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One concern that a waterproofing contractor often encounters in setting up waterproofing systems for engineering structures is the inevitability of dampness, particularly with old structures. Instead of a cure, the waterproofing contractor must implement ways of how to manage the dampness. This often involves the setup of appropriate ventilation spaces that allows moisture to move in or out — or “breathe” — within the structure.

Another issue is how to reroute interconnected pipes, drainage systems, and electrical cables that are attached or used by the structure. The waterproofing contractor must take these elements into consideration when setting up the waterproofing system, making sure that any rerouting or changes will not have adverse affect.

On a different level, a noted rise in flooding caused by climate changes has elevated water levels everywhere and, as a consequence, has increased the cases of basement flooding, adding to the challenges faced by the waterproofing contractor.

On the legal front, waterproofing contractor companies are also compelled by law to comply with existing environmental legislations and standards for waterproofing, which aim to lessen the chances of harmful substances leakage that can threaten human and environmental safety.

These issues, and more, and as the need arise, are in the forefront of concerns that must be addressed by the waterproofing contractor when waterproofing engineering structures.

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