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October 1, 2009

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To attract customers and boost sales, commercial businesses often rely on strategic advertising to spread word about their products and services. They devise customer-friendly pricing plans and improve their products and services to keep ahead of the competition, all as part of their customer engagement efforts. Facility managers know that maintaining an attractive and high-performing commercial building is also one important strategy to increase the customer base and make repeat visitors out of them.

To make commercial buildings appealing to clients, facility managers turn to the painting companywith a successful track record in implementing decorative concrete coating systems. Beautiful concrete finishes create a welcoming atmosphere at any shopping mall or hotel that appeal to tenants and visitors alike, making an unforgettable and long-lasting impression.

Concrete Coatings – Function and Form

Concrete is often known for its strength and resistance against damages. Concrete is very suitable for heavily-trafficked commercial areas because of it´s ability to withstand extensive wear and tear. But beyond being practical, durable and long-lasting, facility managers and painting company contractors know that concrete can also enhance the look of buildings, recognizing the two-fold benefit in using decorative concrete coatings for high-performance and increased aesthetics. 

To create beautiful concrete finishes for building surfaces, the painting company works with ordinary cement, mixed with other aggregates. The painting company then applies decorative concrete coatings to improve the appearance of shopping mall entry ways, corporate foyers and decks, public swimming pools, hotel lobbies and many others.

Repair and Decorate with Concrete Coatings

Since all facilities inevitably succumb to the onslaught of time, concrete coatings are also used to repair aging concrete. As commercial buildings age, they are prone to cracks and peels. Moisture seepage unavoidably comes in through these gaps as time goes by. The result, a commercial building that looks distinctively deteriorating.

The painting company rectifies the problem by using decorative concrete coatings that not only repair problem areas, but also brings back the attractive look of the building. An expert painting company can overhaul the appearance of commercial areas using cost-efficient techniques and materials, often in less time. 

Adding Value with Decorative Concrete Coatings

Innovative concrete coating products turn commercial buildings into eye-catching works of art. Concrete coatings today have more color selections, and vibrant colors that, add beauty to surfaces. The painting company with a wide product knowledge database and proven workmanship can choose from various formulations of epoxy and elastomeric coatings to apply to the facility. A high degree of experience in concrete staining and application procedures will produce creative concrete textures in halls and lobbies to delight the customers.

Concrete coatings artfully mixed with resinous mixtures transform functional surfaces into attractive areas. When the painting company applies these decorative concrete coatings to any commercial facility, the same degree of high performance in terms of damage resistance, anti-skip and -skid abilities, resiliency and endurance, can be achieved, but the newly refurbished area gives more value to tenants and customers than ever before.

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