Successful Deck Coatings Application

November 12, 2009

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The planning and actual execution of the epoxy coatings application process are some of the most critical factors to achieving success in deck coatings projects. Facility managers should discuss the application process with the painting contractor, and make sure that the following project elements are in place:

1. Identification of the correct surface preparation procedures for the deck coating project. Surface preparation affects the quality and useful life of any installed epoxy coatings system, which is why extra care should be done even at this early stage of the application process. The important objective of surface preparation is to eliminate any dirt or contaminants, which are hindrances to good adhesion of the epoxy coatings system.

2. Determining the actual installation procedures, right down to the actual sequential tasks to be performed. A skilled painting contractor should be able to outline the steps to be done during epoxy coatings application, and execute these steps flawlessly or with minimal mishaps.

3. Identification of the actual epoxy coatings system to install. This assumes that a careful selection process has been done previously, and that the epoxy coatings products of choice are selected based on sound criteria, taking into consideration performance, any product warranty or maintenance restrictions.

4. Ensuring the availability of the right materials, tools, equipments and manpower for the deck coatings application. These are the resources that support the application process, needed to execute all application activities from preparation, application, and post-application clean-up, among others.

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