Superior Paints for Steel Structural Painting

March 11, 2010

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Steel structures are triumphs in engineering, thanks mostly to the reliability of steel. Steel is one of the strongest and most durable construction materials in the world. But steel is also vulnerable to degradation caused by exposure to the elements.

Steel structural painting refurbishes steel structures and repairs any damage to the steel surfaces. The application of a good steel structural painting system assures long-term protection against future deteriorations.

The key to the success of steel structural painting applications is the selection and preparation of high-performing steel structural painting products for the project. Here are some considerations for painting systems:

1. The storage, handling, mixing, preparation and actual application of painting systems should follow closely the specifications and manufacturers’ data sheets and instructions. Any deviation from the instructions can spell coating application failure.

2. In cases when the manufacturers’ specifications are not applicable to the specific needs of the project, the facility manager or engineer should resolve the conflict and the painting contractor always abides by the facility’s decision.

3. Application procedures should comply with industry regulations, particularly in VOC emission standards for environmental safety.

4. Any errors in paint handling and mixing means the rejection of the current batch of paints, and have to start again with a new batch, to ensure coating integrity.

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