Surface Preparation Key To Effective Floor Coatings

April 9, 2012

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Extending the life of floor coverings and coatings is contingent on surface preparation even the best paint contractors often decline to bid when they recognize the substrate situation can’t be correctly prepared.

For example, when a below-grade or on-grade concrete floor is fitted without a minimum 10 mil vapor barrier, but sizable moisture exists underneath the concrete, reputable contractor’s note that the coating won’t last for very long, regardless of how carefully they prepare the surface.

This stage is so imperative that all trustworthy contractors implement ordinary tests to decide when a floor encompasses the minimum environment for an effective job.

Normal conditions that indicate danger for brand new floorings are fresh concrete not correctly dried and timeworn concrete not accurately protected. The newest concrete calls for a specified drying time, and a typical 30-day period isn’t adequate in many situations. Conditions that affect drying times are: a lack of the vapor barrier; a high water table on below-ground floors that produces hydrostatic pressure; the procedure of curing compounds; pumped concrete with added water to the mixture; and also the fitting of flooring above or over concrete prior to when the HVAC is functioning.

Older concrete can create unique difficulties, particularly if the property use has altered from its initial purpose. For instance, if a long-standing warehouse with concrete flooring is transformed into condominiums or office workplaces, a college, or a clinic, the proprietor is positioned for failure by finishing concrete flooring with wooden, tiles, or seamless paints or coatings.

Numerous older warehouses are architecturally very sturdy and signify an inexpensive way to acquire a shell; however the ancient warehouse almost undoubtedly at no time included a vapor barrier fitted below the floor. Casing it with something holds the vapor beneath the paint, coating, or carpet or tile glue that has escaped into the interior atmosphere. The dampness combines into the coatings and makes a mess.

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