Swing Stages vs Powered Lifts

July 10, 2008

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Powered ground-based lift systems, such as a scissor lifts and extendable boom lifts, are versatile additions to a contractor’s arsenal of tools. However, lifts do have their limitations.

All ground based lifts have a limited vertical reach. The working height of these lift systems is perfectly fine for painting a warehouse or similar sized structure. For high rises and commercial towers, however, ground based lift systems do not provide the lift needed to get the job done.

As ground based lifts reach higher and higher, they become more unstable. Adding outrigger equipment and stability mechanisms to the ground lift gives the machines a few more feet of vertical lift, but negates the system’s maneuverability, one of the great advantages of a ground-based lift system. For projects that reach the upper limits of a lift’s capabilities and beyond, a different approach is needed.

Swing stages are another system used by painting contractors to tackle the tallest commercial painting projects. The swing stage approaches the problem of vertical lift from the other direction, from the top down. Anchoring mechanisms are place on the top of the structure, and the guide mechanisms are suspended from the anchoring points. The swing stage work platform is supported by the guide mechanisms and is able to move up and down along the surface of the building.

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