Technical Capabilities of Decorative Floor Coatings

November 4, 2009

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Breaking free of the conception that decorative floor coatings are suitable only for lightly-trafficked areas such as show rooms, concert halls or art galleries, many decorative floor coatings are now designed not only to be beautiful, but also to be tough and long-lasting.

Many decorative floor coatings offer high-performance technical features such as the ones below:

1. Suitable for outdoor areas such as recreational parks, patios and walkways, decorative floor coatings are built to be strongly-resistant to all types of weather conditions – extreme cold, snow, hot temperatures, wind or rain. What’s more, they are slip-resistant, easy to apply and fast-curing in low temperatures.

2. Decorative floor coatings products provide good substrate adhesion and when applied, they act as protective coatings to coated floor surfaces. They provide high resistance against moisture seepage or any type of water intrusion, as well as endurance against abrasives and other kinds of damages. A unique sealing ability makes them suitable for concrete surfaces.

3. Good surface elasticity and anti-skid resistance make decorative floor coatings suitable for athletic floors, basketball courts or sport gymnasiums.

4. Showing heavy-duty performance ability when it comes to industrial stresses such as toxic spills and mechanical loads, decorative floor coatings are also finding their way into industrial floors.

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