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August 4, 2010

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Wallcoverings are not ordinary wallcoverings anymore. One of the recent trends to hit the commercial wallcoverings industry is in the aspect of digitization — a sign that the digital age has truly invaded even the normally traditional wallcoverings business.

Many commercial wallcoverings customers are excited to discover the benefits of feature walls. Commercial facilities are open to try more non-traditional and innovative solutions. This includes chic photo murals.

Digital wallcoverings involve the use of art works or paintings. These art pieces are computer-scanned and color-corrected. Their dimensions are resized to fit the wall areas where they are to be installed. The digitized painting will be installed in commercial walls as mural panels. The dimensions must be thoroughly and carefully checked, because the mural panels have to be a perfect fit with the wall areas. The concept behind these digital wallcoverings installations is similar to assembling the pieces of a large jigsaw puzzle. The mural panels then undergo production, carefully shipped to the job site, where their installation finally begins.

Digital wallcoverings printers possess the technical experience to create, revise, resize or edit the scanned images using current print technologies. UV printing is creating opportunities for printing on nearly all kinds of surfaces such as wood, fabrics, and glass. More innovations in inks and coatings provide better products, cheaper pricing, advanced techniques, faster printing and better performance.

Commercial Wallcoverings contractors deal with large-scale wall installations. The mural panels can be numerous, with varying sizes that can fit entire wall surfaces. The height of the install may require the use of lifts or scaffoldings.

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