Technology-Savvy Warehouse Floor Coatings

August 26, 2010

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Like the rest of the business world, the commercial and industrial coatings industry has its share of technological advancements that benefit the end-users and consumers — building owners, facility managers, architects and engineers. Warehouse floor coatings, in particular, gained a huge improvement in quality and performance with the aid of technology.

The goal of research and development efforts in the area of warehouse floor coatings is to exceed industry performance standards. To achieve this, many warehouse floor coatings manufacturers focused on enhancing the coatings chemistry. Improvements in resin bonds down to the molecular-level have been explored, and the results are highly-advanced warehouse floor coatings formulations with complex polymers capable of better applicability and longer service life.

Furthermore, raw materials used for warehouse floor coatings have also been improved upon. New materials have been formulated hitherto unseen in the coatings market. These raw materials are of high quality, and when combined together to create the finished floor coatings, the result is a better product than before.

To complete the experiments conducted in manufacturers’ laboratories, researchers, chemists and raw material suppliers work together and conduct full-scale testing of the enhanced warehouse floor coatings. The products are also beta-tested in the real world and compared with regular products, to evaluate their durability and performance.

These advanced coatings are then released to the market, with manufacturers confident that the finished products will meet the expectations of customers.

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