Textured Elastomeric on Building Exteriors

March 1, 2011

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Elastomeric coating service contractors often use this acrylic polymer formulation for commercial exterior coating applications. Developments in elastomeric coatings technology in the past decades went one step further by creating textured elastomeric coating formulations. The innovative products work well in masonry and stucco surfaces.

Elastomeric coating service can deal with the inherent difficulties of these building materials because textured elastomerics have the unique ability to stretch and bridge surface cracks. Masonry buildings are prone to water penetration when they crack. Cracks are often inevitable due to heavy physical loads, despite masonry’s strength and structural hardness. But when temperature changes cause the crack to contract, water can lodge inside the crevasses and make the whole expanse of masonry surface look dirty and damaged. And when the cracks are not repaired and allowed to deteriorate further, they can lead to serious structural flaws in the building.

Textured elastomeric formulations can form a sound waterproofing barrier for the masonry exterior. Elastomeric coating service applications ensure that the coatings stretch when the surface moves, resisting cracking. When another movement or temperature change occurs, the coatings return to normal shape without leaving any ridges on the surface. The result is that any cracks expanding or shrinking underneath the coatings do not distort the surface appearance. This kind of elastomeric coating service application makes masonry and stucco look beautiful despite movements underneath the surface, and such service can last for a very long period of time.

The secret behind the formulation is a special acrylic binder that provides elasticity and tensile strength at the same time. The final elastomeric coating service application is also imbued with resistance against dirt, alkali and water, assuring its durability and good condition.

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